Johannes Scherg | NODE

Johannes Scherg | NODE

Johannes Scherg is co-curator of the educational program at NODE Forum for Digital Arts and multimedia designer at MESO Digital Interiors.
NODE is an international platform for creative coding at the intersection of digital arts, technology and culture. Each festival edition features a massive lineup of workshops bringing together different disciplines. From arts to design, from coding to engineering, from science to research.
In his professional works Johannes develops digital environments with a focus on human interactions. Experimenting and prototyping are common methods of his creative process, always following the flow of visual programming with ‘vvvv’.

As an educator he hosts workshops and lectures at universities, lastly at Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing (China).

Creative Coding with vvvv | Lecture

  This practical and inspirational lecture covers a wide range of digital techniques and methods for creating interactive digital media environments. Features and fundamental principles of the visual programming toolkit ‘vvvv’ will be presented in a hands-on manner. The lecture encourages digital artist to experiment with new approaches and in extended interdisciplinary fields. Johannes will […]