The light object consists of a seemingly chaotic cluster in which legible pictures and patterns materialise.

300m pixel LED strips are arranged organically to form a spherical object which is spaced wide enough to allow you to see through so that every dimension of the sphere stays visible from all angles. Twiststicks serve as the foundation of the sphere, wooden sticks with springs attached to both ends which interlock at any angle in order to form a stabile structure.

The installation has 18.000 randomly assembled pixels that are mapped in the three-dimensional space which allows them to be controlled individually. Because of the spatial layout of the pixels in the virtual space, it is possible to form three-dimensional shapes, patterns and structures out of the chaotic cluster: an apparent intelligence that reveals itself within the seemingly random formation.

With its many points of intersection, the pixel net is similar to a neural network. A generated visualisation of impulse and reaction between the individual neurons creates a spectacle which repeats itself but is unpredictable: Each intersection flashes continuously in one colour, e.g. red. From one of the variable intersections a pulse is fired from one neuron to the next which thereupon changes its colour and then randomly sends a pulse to one or more other neurons: the spirit of the mind reveals itself.