Distorted Vanity | Live Performance



Who are you, really? What part of your appearance is projection, what part is content, and what part is mask or packaging?

To what extent do external influences distort or modify the self-image and thereby shape one’s own vanity?

This topic is projected by DISTORTED VANITY – like a picture puzzle between one’s own authentic-physical reality / identity and the digital presentation and modification of one’s self-image.

Generating the pulse and setting the stage for this interactive, audio-visual performance are abstract soundscapes created by self-made steel sound sculptures.

Two dancers appear both as – and shaped by the viewer’s perspective as – the protagonists, projection area, or instruments.

Generative projections abstract their bodies and are simultaneously distorted by the impact of the soundscapes, therefore turning into the installation’s allegory.

Physical expression, sound, and visual representation determine each other and, by interplay, create the synthesis of art, which represents the different stages of a human’s life.

Birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age and finally, death.

On saturday, visitors are invited to become part of the installation.

Concert / Performance